How to Fix Common Drain Problems

Whether we like thinking about what is in our drains or not, they do need to be kept clean or they clog causing even more problems. So, how do I clean a drain out? These are some good ways to clean a drain that will help you out! If you need help or have any questions, give us a call! We’re right here in Jacksonville and can answer all your plumbing needs.

How to get rid of drain odors.
There is an easy way to get rid of drain odors: vinegar. That’s right; something that you likely have already sitting in your cupboard can be used as a drain cleaner. Pour a cup or two of white vinegar into the drain, and leave it At least half an hour later, run some warm water to flush the vinegar out of the drain and your home’s pipes. This same fix will work for clearing out your garbage disposal if it starts to smell.

Clogged drainClogged kitchen drain
You should never pour anything down the drain that isn’t liquid; this goes for teabags, coffee grinds, grease, oils, leftover bits of food, and pasta noodles. Eventually, if you do, something is going to clog your drain up. Which means that your sink will be useless for a period of time, and it will likely start to smell. A good way to keep your drain from getting clogged in the first place is to avoid feeding it the items mentioned above. If you do get a clogged drain from dumping grease down there, before you reach into your bank account and call for an emergency plumber, try cleaning the drain out. A good way to do this is by applying heat packs around the drain where the clog is, or applying heat using a hair dryer. Eventually, this will soften and melt the grease, which will continue on its way, cleaning your drain.

How to clean my bathroom drain?
Every time you take a shower, hair makes its way into your drain, where a lot of it builds up over time. Left alone, it will eventually clog your drain. You can purchase, for a reasonable price, screens that go over shower drains to keep hair from accumulating there. If hair does make its way into your drain, you’ll want to remove it right away, with a drain snake or a coat hanger, before it gets a chance to build up. There are a variety of products on the market, such as Drano, that clean your drains, including hair. You will want to find one that is less harsh and abrasive, to avoid damaging your home’s pipes.

If you’re going to manually clean your bathroom drain, the first step will be to remove the drain cover, the metal plate around the drain, and clean that area. Afterwards you will want to insert your snake or bent clothes hanger into the drain, to pull up all of the hair that is stuck there. Make sure that you pull all of the material out to discard, you don’t want to push it further down the drain! After that, you should slowly pour a cup or two of warm water down the drainor a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar followed by warm water. You can also try plunging your drain to clean it out. You can use these methods, of course, for other drains in your home, too!

The best way to avoid calling a plumber is to clean your drains properly. But if you need one, we’d love to be your plumber in Jacksonville!