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There are some common problems that you will possibly come across in your home’s bathroom that can be fixed fairly easily. These are some tips for bathtub and shower repairs.

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  1. Fix a   Dripping Shower Faucet

If the faucet in your shower or bathtub has begun to leak, the problem is likely the faucet handle. In order to fix this, you will want to turn it as far as possible into the “off” position, before proceeding. It’s also very important at this step to shut off the water valves that provide water to your shower; otherwise, you might end soaked in a flooded bathroom! If you can’t find the valve for your bathroom, just shut off you home’s main water supply while you are doing this. And, remember to test that the water supply is really off before continuing! The next step in this tip for shower repairs is to grab a screwdriver and remove the faucet completely. You should see a large ring, also known as the cartridge; this is found between the faucet and the wall and will be exposed when you remove the faucet. Using a cartridge puller, which you can purchase at most Jacksonville hardware stores, remove this ring as well, and install a new one (also purchased at a hardware store), by screwing it back onto the wall. Put the faucet back on, open back up the water supply, and check to make sure the leak is fixed. If it continues leaking, you might want to give one of Jacksonville’s plumbers a call, as it likely will be more complicated to fix.

            2. Fix the Showerhead

Another common problem for bathroom plumbing that can easily be repaired with some tips on bathrub and shower repairs concerns the showerhead. If your showerhead leaks, you should try removing it, cleaning the arms inside, and coating them with plumbers’ joint compound. Afterwards, screw the showerhead back on. This will fix the cause of most leaks that you might experience.

        3. Repair Cracked Grout

Sometimes, over time, the grout that coats showers and bathtubs will crack, leaving it looking pretty horrible. You can repair this cracked grout yourself. The first thing you should do is a visual inspection, finding every single crack you want to repair. A tip is to put a piece of masking tape so you do not forget or lose track of any of the cracks you’ve located. The next step is to take a piece of the loose grout to a local Jacksonville plumbing supply store or hardware store so that you can get new grout in the exact same colour and shade. When you get home, it’s time to remove the grout, using a grout saw. Make sure not to damage the parts of your shower or bathtub that are not damanged (for small cracks you can just use grout sealer). Mix your grout by following the instructions and apply it where the old grout has been removed. Make sure to even out the surface as you go, or you will have a weird looking bathtub or shower!You’ll also want to make sure to take the excess grout off to avoid clumps hardening.

The final step, once the grout has dried, is to apply a grout sealer. And voila! A repaired shower or bathtub!


These are just three of many tips for repairing your shower or bathtub.

Irrigation Cleaning

You don’t want to trudge in the mud to keep your washing machine from backing up. Let us do it for you! When it comes to Jacksonville plumbing, we want to be the first name in your mind.


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Clean your Irrigation System

Your irrigation, or sprinkler, system is eventually going to need to be cleaned. Over time, dirt, debris, and slit accumulate in the waterlines, which can cause clogs or break your system if left unattended. You will obviouke in the spring. If you live somewhere like Florida and irrigate year roundsly want to clean your irrigation system before there is a problem, but when is the best time to clean the irrigation system? Generally you will want to clean it when it has been lying dormant and unused for a while, li, it’s still a good idea to clean it out at least once every 6 months. Generally speaking, most clogs and malfunctions are because of debris getting stuck under the nozzle’s screen; if left unattended this can break the affected nozzlehead.


Cleaning Filters

You should take all of the sprinkler heads off and clean the filters that are located under the nozzles. To do this, you will need to first loosen the head; the tool needed varies based on the model you have, but usually an allan key or a screwdriver will do the trick. Once all of the heads are off, you can clean the filters which are usually right below the heads. Make sure that you clean the heads at the same time; you can rinse them in soap and warm water.



A good time to do this is after you clean the filters, as you already have all of the heads removed. Simply turn on the water for one zone at a time and let it flush out the openings. Since all of the sprinkler heads are removed, you might start to have some problems with water pressure while doing this. Just replace the heads that have been flushed out as you go to restore water pressure.


Repair Crushed Pipes

Sometimes, pipes in your irrigation systenm will get crushed. When trees grow, their roots seek out sources of water. So, over the years, you could see some tree roots grow towards and eventually around irrigation pipes, choking them. When this happens, you will need to dig up and replace the crushed pipe section. If the reason for your crushed pipe is a tree route, then part of your cleaning of your irrigation system should involve rerouting your irrigation system away from the tree in question and its roots. Another source of crushed pipes is vehicles passing over them.


Sprinkler Maintenance

You will want to, when cleaning your irrigation system, check that all of your sprinkler heads are in good shape and are standing straight. If your sprinklers lean, or their flow comes out crooked, you will want to fix them so they stand upright or replace them with new, undamaged parts. The same goes for any damanged or leaky heads.