How to choose a plumberPlumbing problems and emergencies do occur, and when they do you’re going to want to call a plumber. There are some good North Florida plumbers out there, and these tips on hiring a plumber will help guide you to the right one.

1. Price
If what you need done is a big job, you might want to consider price shopping when you’re choosing your plumber. One tip for hiring a plumber based on price: you can get several plumbers to submit a price estimate to you for the repairs, and pick based on the most reasonable rate. You might want to be suspicious if one bid is significantly lower than the other, as this may mean the plumber will rush through or use inferior parts.

2. Licenses
Plumbers are required to be licensed in most states, with the exceptions of New York and Kansas. In Florida, there are two types of license: registered plumbing contractor and certified plumbing contractor. Basically, in order to be a licensed plumber in the state of Florida, one needs to have at least four years of experience in the field, and pass a written exam. Licensed plumbing contractors pass a regional, or local, test, whereas those with licenses as certified plumbing contractors have passed the state plumbing examination. If you’re looking for a plumber with the industry standard level of knowledge and experience, you’ll want to go with someone who is licensed, for big jobs and repairs. Also, if a plumber is licensed you can do a sort of background check, verifying with the State of Florida if there are any complaints registered against them.

3. Experience
An experienced plumber will likely be able to determine the source of your problems quickly, and repair it well. Experience is an important factor in this field, and you’ll want to hire someone who knows what they are doing and have seen (and repaired!) your problem elsewhere before. You can always ask the plumber when calling how long they have been in business; if you’re calling a larger plumbing company, you can request one of their more experienced plumbers, as well.

4. Insurance
A tip to avoid a lot of hassle and loss of time and money is to make sure that the plumber has the proper insurance. If a company isn’t insured and a worker is injured in your home, for example, the experience can turn sour fast. You’ll want to make sure that you don’t end up footing bills that belong to the employer, so check that they are insured.

5. Word on the Street
One tip for hiring a plumber is to check out what others have said about the plumber or plumbing company. You can ask other homeowners you know, or check online reviews. A simple Google search of their company’s name will turn up results if there are negative reviews.

These simple plumbing tips for hiring a plumber will help you find a reliable, efficient plumber in Jacksonville who will help you fix your problems.